Israeli Warplanes Bomb Palestinian Medical Building

Today the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) perpetuated yet another atrocity upon the Palestinian people. An air bombardment from Israel struck several targets in the Gaza Strip, including a warehouse used to store medicine.

The IDF claim today’s attack came as a response to the 40 or so projectiles launched from Gaza into Israel this year, but don’t be fooled. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a one-sided battle, with Israel as the dominant aggressor and Palestine as the oppressed whipping boy.

Seriously, it’s not even close. Consider this:

  • Israel, as a nation, sits in the world’s top 20 for military spending. Palestine’s military spending doesn’t even register as a blip on the chart.
  • The projectiles launched by Palestinian militants are often simple, home-made rockets. Israel, on the other hand, uses the latest in military technology pulled from a vast arsenal.
  • For years, the Palestinian people have been kept on the brink of economic collapse while living in an open-air prison controlled by Israel. Meanwhile, the Israeli people are enjoying a significantly higher quality of life, ranked 23rd in the world.
  • Yes, it’s true that both sides are in the wrong for using violence. But on the Palestinian side, the aggressive acts are being perpetuated by small militant groups which Palestine’s government have condemned. On the Israeli side, however, the entire state of Israel is ultimately responsible for what many deem to be a grossly disproportionate response.

So why does this battle continue if it’s so lopsided? Because one side doesn’t want the conflict to end. As recently leaked documents show, Palestine’s leaders have been trying to end the violence for some time, offering tremendous concessions and compromises, but Israel will not accept peace.

Israel needs the war to continue as it serves several purposes. For one, it stimulates Israel’s tremendous Military Industrial Complex. Secondly, the fog of war has helped mask Israel’s consistent expansion into neighboring  territory. Without the distraction of violence and bloodshed, too many people might see the war for what it is: a blatant land-grab.

The Palestinian state has already said ‘Uncle’, but the bully Israel continues to punch the face of their fallen foe. It’s time for the world to intervene, saying ‘That’s enough, Israel’ and finally put an end to this grave injustice.

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