Demonstrations for Democracy

Increasing numbers of humans are taking to the streets, demanding more from the system. Following on yesterday’s who’s who of revolutionary nations, here’s some more countries with freedom fighters taking up the cause.

China has tossed their hat into the ring, with protests planned across the nation. Chinese authorities are taking the preemptive approach, arresting top members of the dissenting ‘Jasmine Revolution’ group.

Clashes between peaceful protesters and henchmen for the hierarchy left at least two dead in Djibouti.

The Kuwaiti government have their fair share of dissenters to debase.

Syrian’s move one step closer to democracy thanks to the thousands taking part in public demonstrations.

Jordanians have kept their protests going strong despite being brutalized by the state’s paid enforcers.

The Moroccan people couldn’t wait to protest as riots broke out prior to today’s planned demonstration.

Apart from the heavy-handed police forces and the unfortunate casualties, these demonstrations are a beautiful thing to witness. It’s humankind rising up together, and our collect efforts will help build a more just global civilization.

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