Libya Pleads for Our Help

“They are killing unarmed civilians. … Help us by supporting us and … put pressure on Gaddafi…. Ask him to stop killing us. We just want to live free!”  Chilling words from a man in Libya, fearful of being bombarded for bypassing the Internet blockade.

Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators have been massacred by Libyan security forces, and the death toll is climbing. Soldiers are firing high-caliber ammo from automatic weapons on funeral processions, and mercenaries have been dropping anti-tank bombs on unarmed civilians, all in a bid to calm the uprising.

Fortunately, members of the Libyan army have joined the people’s revolt, fighting against Gaddafi’s security forces to liberate at least two cities.

Murdering large numbers of citizens when the world is watching burns a lot of bridges. It’s too late for Gaddafi now. His days as ruler will soon be at an end.

It’s a shame that he didn’t just leave without causing such a devastating tragedy.

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