Tunisians Triumphant, Egyptians Elated, Soon the Whole World

(2 Million Egyptians voicing their support for the Palestinian people)

A month ago, Tunisians were overjoyed as their oppressive dictator was forced out. This week, millions of Egyptians filled the streets to celebrate the fall of their corrupt President.

The weight from 30+ years of oppression has been lifted from the shoulders of the Egyptian people. What a glorious feeling it must be!

Paralleling the million-strong demonstrations sprouting all over the world, 100’s of millions of people are in the process of fostering an even bigger movement, one which will confront all tyranny on earth.

Now that humankind finally has some effective tools for ensuring transparency within the establishment, we’ll grow to expect and demand more of it from our political and economic systems. This will be great for our world, since transparency will help to expose the corruption within the system.

Given the instant nature of our world, it won’t take long for awareness of injustices to spread to enough people to make a difference. And, considering the way social sites provide the means to coordinate and mobilize groups of unlimited size, we’ll soon have the leverage required to counter even the world’s most influential institutions.

A world full of empowered humans, with the means to keep tabs on those entrusted with power, will be able to ensure the world’s system more accurately reflects the will of the people.

We’ll continually create a world with less injustice, less exploitation and less human suffering. Our species will finally end large scale armed conflicts and eradicate the scourge of extreme poverty from earth.

Rising up together, we’re challenging the corruption within the world’s system to manifest a more just human civilization. Given enough time, the whole world is likely to do the same as our fellow freedom fighters and relish the revolution.

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