The Coup de Grâce in Libya’s Revolution Draws Near

Muammar_al-Gaddafi(No human should hold unchecked power, especially not this guy.)

More cities have aligned with Libya’s opposition party, bringing 90% of the country under control of the independence movement. Left to fall is Tripoli, where highly-paid foreign mercenaries are violently upholding Gaddafi’s bid to stay in power.

The circulation of rumors that Gaddafi has been shot caused a sharp drop in oil prices.  Another unsubstantiated news site claims that one of Gaddafi’s son’s has joined the protesters.

The end of Libya’s blood-thirsty oligarchy still draws near, even if these rumors prove false.

Gaddafi is ultimately responsible for the murder of several thousand innocent civilians. The Libyan people, having lost so much, will not stop until their merciless tyrant is gone.

If Gaddafi does somehow elude the wrath of his people, it’s likely he’ll still be held accountable for his crimes against humanity by the world that witnessed his atrocities.

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One Response to “The Coup de Grâce in Libya’s Revolution Draws Near”

  1. Bob Adams says:

    This is so sad all that is going on over in Libaya. I am friends with some people who are over there who give aid and they are on edge. Let’s all hope the situation resolves itself quickly. Hopefully the people have the opporuntiunity to have a government that they elect.


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