Saudis Helping Bahraini King Massacre His Own People

(Here we see security forces re-enacting their favorite scene from ‘Fight Club’.)

Civilian casualties are mounting in Bahrain as forces from neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia, have joined in the brutal suppression of the people’s movement. The King’s hired goons have even resorted to  attacking protesters with stolen ambulances.

Let these events serve as a stark reminder of the importance of keeping power in check. What is happening in Bahrain could happen anywhere, and if we aren’t careful, it might happen everywhere.

We are moving towards a globalized world. Some form of world governance is inevitable as humankind continues to come together. This great unification won’t necessarily be a bad thing, as long as we ensure that the system remains accountable to the people.

Totalitarianism is a real threat faced by our species. And, just like in Bahrain or Libya, sometimes those who hold the power will mercilessly slaughter anyone who expresses dissent, regardless of whether or not the discontent is warranted.

This is why it is so imperative that we reclaim our governments now, while we still can. We have the tools to ensure democracy and enforce transparency in authority. All you have to do is get involved.

Don’t let the tragic loss of our fellow freedom fighters dampen our spirits. Let us channel our anguish and frustration into action, strengthening the resolve of the revolutionary movement.

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