United States: When Two Parties Become One

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Funny guy and topical theorist Bill Maher laid out some new rules, one of which alludes to the collusion between both political parties in the US.

When Obama says, “Find common ground,” oh, here comes the bullshit now. Because whenever a Democrat seeks “common ground,” he always seems to find it right where the Republican was already standing.

Ten years ago, we had a ban on extended-ammo clips. The Republicans killed that ban. And now the compromise is we can never get it back. I think the old word for that was “surrender.”

Republicans, please note, are not taken in by the myth of common ground. They never move an inch on anything.

What Mr. Maher missed is how the party he openly supports so frequently ‘surrenders’ on key issues. While it may seem like they are the weaker of the two parties, that is actually what the dems are paid to do.

The role of the Democratic party is to provide the illusion of choice. They make it appear as if someone is there, fighting for the people. They posture and give speeches and promise change, but when it comes down to it, the Democrats will consistently capitulate at the last minute.

This is because, apart from some superficial differences, both political parties in the US share the same agenda. And the higher up the ladder you travel, the more overlap you’ll see. Both sides are pro-corporation, pro-tax cuts for the super-rich, pro-war, and pro-big business.

The result of having just two parties, both of whom share so many goals, is a gradual shift in the political spectrum. Over the past 40 years, the system has shifted so far to the right, that Nixon, a Republican President from the ’60s & 70′s, would be considered a left-leaning Democrat by today’s standards.

Of course, there are some powerful US politicians who create the exception to the rule. Daring individuals who are willing to speak truth to power, like Paul, Kucinich, and Wiener. Strong leaders that haven’t completely sold out. But even they cannot do it alone.

If you’re an American, you need to recognize that it isn’t about left vs. right politics anymore. The struggle is between you and a system stripping you of wealth and power.

It is time for the American people to demand more from the their political and economic systems. If the US population sits quiet for too long, they could end up having no voice at all.

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