Lambasting the Libyan Intervention

(Canadians aren’t the only ones with ‘no-confidence‘ heads of state.)

Nearly a week into the world’s latest military endeavor in Libya, and there is no shortage of criticism.

Brendan O’Neill with Spiked takes aim at the clueless leadership opting for intervention:

The grotesque competition between Britain, France and America to see who can fire the most missiles at Libya confirms the emergence of a new form of Western militarism.

This is not the return of the politics of Empire or a re-flourishing of Western colonialism in north Africa, as some have claimed. Rather it is the barbarism of buffoons….

In the rubble of various compounds and airfields in Libya, we can spy the incoherence of the Western political elites, and their elevation of the reckless, narcissistic politics of short-term gain over anything resembling a strategy or aim.

George Galloway has been speaking out against the double standards of the invading forces, saying:

There are more innocent protesters being gunned down in Yemen but no one would dream of invading or imposing a no-fly zone on Yemen because Yemen doesn’t have oil.

It is so transparently an attempt to protect western companies massive investments in Libya that it’s discredited in the Arab world.

Galloway’s thoughts are echoed by radio host Stephen Lendman, who says that, unlike with Bahrain or Yemen, Libya’s corrupt dictator isn’t on favorable terms with the US, leaving it free to be attacked. Lendman also claims the “naked aggression” we see today was “actually planned many months in advance.”

If what Lendman is saying is true, then Americans (and the world) fell for the same old trick, hook line and sinker. Pretty soon, occupying forces will be sent in. Huge fortunes will be wasted. Countless innocent lives stand to be lost.

Dammit! The US Military Industrial Complex now has a brand new war to perpetuate indefinitely, and I didn’t even see it coming.

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