Saying No to Escalation in Libya

There’s been an uproar in the blogosphere about strictly limiting the scope of the intervention in Libya. And by uproar, I mean yesterday’s post on this very blog.

The piece is written with a sense of urgency, as I’d only just recognized the foul stench of the military complex trying to sink its corrupt claws deeper into Libyan soil. The gist of post was states how we need yank back on the war machine’s leash right now, because if we don’t, we might find ourselves wondering how to get out of Libya a decade from now.

But let me expand upon these thoughts.

Speaking out against escalation in Libya doesn’t mean abandoning support for the innocent civilians. There is no doubt that preventing a massacre is indeed a high priority, but this bid to save lives should not provide the pretense for another long, drawn out war.

And, considering how another years-long, blood-soaked money pit is precisely what the war industry desires most, we would do well to make sure this newest armed conflict doesn’t run away on us.

So that’s why we should say no to escalation right now – to strike a preemptive blow against an entity that will take a mile when given an inch.

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