End the Wars NOW – Kucinich

(Another powerful speech from one of the most progressive politicians in the US.)

Ohio Congressman and freedom fighter Dennis Kucinich has been speaking out against America’s military industrial complex, saying:

In this budget alone, we would have spent 113 billion dollars on this war. You want to cut off waste, let’s get out of Afghanistan. Otherwise, there is no end in sight. We are going to be there until at least 2020. And, that’s going to cost us at least another trillion dollars.

Where are we going to get that money from? Are we gonna cut social security, health care, and funds for education? Are we ready to give up our entire domestic agenda so that we can continue on the path of a war?

Kucinich is also an esteemed member of the “Say No to Escalation in Libya” coalition, urging his fellow congresspeople to ban federal funding of the U.S. military action in Libya. “We need to move now to cut off funds,” says Kucinich, “while most of the action is being done in the air and at sea.”

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