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Obama to be Ex-Nobel Laureate?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

With the US spearheading attacks on Libya, high-ranking officials have  launched a campaign aimed at revoking Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Bolivian President Evo Morales asks “How is it possible that a Nobel Peace Prize winner leads a gang to attack and invade? This is not a defence of human rights or self-determination.”

Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Vladimir Zhirinovsky wrote that the attacks were “another outrageous act of aggression by… the United States… to establish control over Libyan oil and the Libyan regime.”

These calls to strip Obama of his honor echo similar sentiments expressed by the Arab League, who criticized the strikes from the west shortly after the no-fly zone was implemented.

So what if Obama has fired more missiles than all the other Nobel Peace winners combined, all the while maintaining two huge wars and the whole torture-facility he never got around to closing? At least the Nobel Peace Prize still has more name credibility than Gaddafi’s Prize for Human Rights.

Ending the War on Drugs: It’s Time

Monday, March 21st, 2011

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time for you to face the facts. The war on drugs is an utter failure. But don’t just take my word for it.

Some of England’s most prominent public figures have recently decried drug prohibition as an “expensive catastrophe for individuals and communities,” and are imploring the use of scientific evidence when forming drug policies.

Spain’s ex-PM wants to legalize all drugs to help deflate organized crime syndicates, which have become “one of the most serious threats to security that the world faces.”

This sentiment is echoed by the individuals with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, who don’t believe current methods are effective, writing “drug abuse and gang violence flourish in a drug prohibition environment, just as they did during alcohol prohibition.”

Still not convinced? Then maybe you’ll believe the former President of Mexico, who is calling for the legalization of all drugs, saying “Prohibition didn’t work in the Garden of Eden. Adam ate the apple… I don’t want to say that legalizing means that drugs are good. They are not good but bad for your health, and you shouldn’t take them. But ultimately, this responsibility is with citizens.”

And if you’re worried about what might happen if we ended drug prohibition, consider Portugal. They decriminalized all drugs ten years ago and it has been deemed a resounding success. Crime is down, drug use has declined, and drug-related pathologies have lowered dramatically.

Clearly, Portugal’s strategy of treatment and rehabilitation should be guiding anti-prohibition debates around the world. But rational thought and empirical evidence will only get us so far.

The war on drugs has been institutionalized because billions have been blown every year for decades. This means millions of law enforcement, jailers, and their support staff, not to mention the countless drug peddlers, all stand to lose their livelihoods if the war on drugs were to end.

On top of this, current drug-related policies are entrenched into global politics, with roots running into organizations like the United Nations, who pressure all its members to enforce drug prohibition.

To counteract such an extensive bureaucracy, which is currently supported by millions from around the world, will take an even larger, more powerful force.

It will take hundreds of millions of informed people from around the world. Those of us who’ve discovered drug prohibition is actually far worse than any drug on earth need to coordinate, cooperate and finally finish the war on drugs.

This is where you come in. You need to stand up for what is right. Get involved in the movement. Do what you can to help convince the rest of the world that it’s time to forever end our draconian drug policies.

Odyssey Dawn: One Day In and Already There’s Trouble

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

odyssey dawn
(The DOD have resorted to bypassing WikiLeaks altogether)

The UN Coalitions plan to protect innocents by bombing innocents has met with some adversity.

Secretary General of the Arab League criticizes the strikes from the West, saying “What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone and what we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians.”

An agenda of protecting Libyans from being massacred is certainly a worthy cause. But it should not come at the cost of unleashing America’s perpetual military machine on the country.

Give the US an inch, and they’ll occupy your country for a decade.



Jews Organize Boycott of Israel

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Around twenty Jewish organizations, along with some prominent Jewish figures, have endorsed a letter calling for sanctions against Israel and a boycott of Israeli goods and institutions.

These boycotts and sanctions are “a moral tool of non-violent, peaceful response to more than sixty years of Israeli colonialism” which “rightfully place accountability on Israeli institutions (and their allies and partners) that use business, cultural, and academic ties to white-wash Israel’s responsibility for continuing crimes against humanity.”

In a related story, prominent ex-White House journalist Helen Thomas, who was fired last year for uttering anti-Israeli statements, continued her tirade this week, saying “I’m not anti-Jewish; I’m anti-Zionist. I am anti-Israel. It has taken what doesn’t belong to it. If you have a home and you’re kicked out of that home, you don’t come and kick someone else out.”

The world is waking up to the reality of the Israel-Palestine situation. As Israel gets exposed for their continued atrocities, the world will keep mounting pressure to help end the plight of the Palestinian people.

United States: When Two Parties Become One

Friday, March 18th, 2011

(pic propsBen Garrison)

Funny guy and topical theorist Bill Maher laid out some new rules, one of which alludes to the collusion between both political parties in the US.

When Obama says, “Find common ground,” oh, here comes the bullshit now. Because whenever a Democrat seeks “common ground,” he always seems to find it right where the Republican was already standing.

Ten years ago, we had a ban on extended-ammo clips. The Republicans killed that ban. And now the compromise is we can never get it back. I think the old word for that was “surrender.”

Republicans, please note, are not taken in by the myth of common ground. They never move an inch on anything.

What Mr. Maher missed is how the party he openly supports so frequently ‘surrenders’ on key issues. While it may seem like they are the weaker of the two parties, that is actually what the dems are paid to do.

The role of the Democratic party is to provide the illusion of choice. They make it appear as if someone is there, fighting for the people. They posture and give speeches and promise change, but when it comes down to it, the Democrats will consistently capitulate at the last minute.

This is because, apart from some superficial differences, both political parties in the US share the same agenda. And the higher up the ladder you travel, the more overlap you’ll see. Both sides are pro-corporation, pro-tax cuts for the super-rich, pro-war, and pro-big business.

The result of having just two parties, both of whom share so many goals, is a gradual shift in the political spectrum. Over the past 40 years, the system has shifted so far to the right, that Nixon, a Republican President from the ’60s & 70′s, would be considered a left-leaning Democrat by today’s standards.

Of course, there are some powerful US politicians who create the exception to the rule. Daring individuals who are willing to speak truth to power, like Paul, Kucinich, and Wiener. Strong leaders that haven’t completely sold out. But even they cannot do it alone.

If you’re an American, you need to recognize that it isn’t about left vs. right politics anymore. The struggle is between you and a system stripping you of wealth and power.

It is time for the American people to demand more from the their political and economic systems. If the US population sits quiet for too long, they could end up having no voice at all.

UN To Intervene in Libyan Massacre

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Celebrations are sounding across the Arab World today as the United Nations passed a resolution imposing a NO-FLY zone over Libya.

The vote authorizes “all necessary measures short of an occupation force”, including the use of airstrikes, to counter the pro-Gaddafi forces who’ve been mercilessly slaughtering civilians across the nation.

It seems the urgent pleas from within Benghazi may be answered in time to prevent further deaths, although the people could remain vulnerable for days as the coordinated plan comes to fruition.

If nothing else, this resolution should at least provide a psychological boost to the freedom fighters in Libya, recharging their spirits with the support of a world that won’t abandon them.


Saudis Helping Bahraini King Massacre His Own People

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

(Here we see security forces re-enacting their favorite scene from ‘Fight Club’.)

Civilian casualties are mounting in Bahrain as forces from neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia, have joined in the brutal suppression of the people’s movement. The King’s hired goons have even resorted to  attacking protesters with stolen ambulances.

Let these events serve as a stark reminder of the importance of keeping power in check. What is happening in Bahrain could happen anywhere, and if we aren’t careful, it might happen everywhere.

We are moving towards a globalized world. Some form of world governance is inevitable as humankind continues to come together. This great unification won’t necessarily be a bad thing, as long as we ensure that the system remains accountable to the people.

Totalitarianism is a real threat faced by our species. And, just like in Bahrain or Libya, sometimes those who hold the power will mercilessly slaughter anyone who expresses dissent, regardless of whether or not the discontent is warranted.

This is why it is so imperative that we reclaim our governments now, while we still can. We have the tools to ensure democracy and enforce transparency in authority. All you have to do is get involved.

Don’t let the tragic loss of our fellow freedom fighters dampen our spirits. Let us channel our anguish and frustration into action, strengthening the resolve of the revolutionary movement.

Pressing Calls to Action

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Several calls to action have be sounded by influential figures in American politics.

First up, is Young Turk Cenk Uygur, giving a rousing speech on his MSNBC slot (skip to about 3:40 to get riled up.)

Next up is compassionate Congressman Dennis Kucinich, rallying the Wisconsin people to “be strong” and “fight back for democracy” :

Finally, we hear from comedian turned Congressman Al Fraken, urging us to use the power of the Internet to ensure the Internet stays free:

Technology is Bringing Peace Through Education

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Institutions of innovative ideas interacted this week, as Salman Khan, founder of the free online Khan Academy, met up with TED Talks to share his riveting insights into the future of the world’s education systems.

Following highlights from the Academy’s enormous supply of teaching videos used by millions, Khan spoke of his vision to harness the real power of technology to educate the world:

  • Video lectures offer many advantages over their real-life counterparts, like being able to pause, repeat and learn at one’s own pace.
  • Intuitive, interactive exercises that advance according to the student’s comprehension helps break the mold of traditional one-size-fits-all classrooms.
  • Real-time progress tracking gives students game-style achievement trophies, enticing them to excel.
  • Teachers get a unique profile for each student, making the learning process as productive as possible.

Perhaps most intriguing is Khan’s notion of ‘flipping the script’, where the students are assigned their lectures for outside the class, and they do the assigned homework in class when the instructor is there to help. What a great idea!

The Khan Academy, by providing free, world-class educations to anyone with access to the Internet, truly highlights the power of technology to educate our planet.

With electronic devices growing increasingly cheap and powerful, a fully-connected global population could be feasible within a decade or two. Free, universally accessible, world-class educations would do a lot to level humankind’s playing field.

More importantly, access to the net’s infinitely expanding knowledge base can help the world’s needy find ways to help themselves. The earth’s poorest, when given access to information, can learn new irrigation techniques, find out how to use the sun to make drinking water, or even locate instructions to generate one’s own electricity.

Technology is opening new doors for us all the time and empowering us as a species. Pretty soon, we’ll have a world where no one is starving, and no child dies from easily preventable diseases. This will be fantastic, since each step towards ending extreme poverty brings us that much closer to realizing world peace.

Over 100,000 Gather in Wisconsin Capital

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

(This is what democracy looks like.)

The largest crowd to date descended on Wisconsin’s capital, demonstrating against the government’s attempts to cut collective bargaining rights.

Despite weeks of rallying by protesters against the anti-union legislation, the unpopular bill was signed into law on Friday following potentially illegal procedures undertaken by the state’s Republicans.

Wisconsinites are not alone in their struggle as many states across the US face nearly identical anti-labor bills.

These new legislative attacks, tantamount to class warfare, are a last-ditch effort coordinated by US Billionaires and their cronies to shift the political pendulum as far to the right as possible while they still can.

There is a revolution taking place all over the world, and today’s oligarchs are growing increasingly weary of what this new era will mean for them.

The Internet is making tremendous potential available to us, giving us the means to ensure an equitable distribution of the products of humankind’s labor. The era of exploitation is over. A more just global civilization is emerging as we awaken for the first time as a species.