Israel Inside Pressure Cooker, Threatens to Explode

Imagine yourself surrounded on all sides by enemies while the whole world conspires for your demise. Now you know what it’s like to be a paranoid Zionist living inside the state of Israel.

Of course, from an outside perspective, it’s easy to understand why Israel was recently ranked as one the world’s least favorite nations, scoring lower than Iran or North Korea. With a long history of hypocrisy, aggression and human rights violations, Israel cannot hide its continued atrocities from the world, even with its extensive PR campaign.

For too long the Palestinian people have been egregiously mistreated by Israel, and now the world is stepping in to help. More and more countries are recognizing Palestine as an independent state. And now, come September, the Palestine people may be welcomed in as members of the UN.

Should the UN accept the battered nation into the union, Palestine will be defined by the 1967 borders. This means that Israel’s 40+ years of expansion into the West Bank and Gaza – every piece of land they’ve stolen and settled – will be all for not.

This is why Israel has threatened unilateral action. As one of the world’s top military powers, warnings from Israel cannot be taken lightly.

Still, as perpetrators of grave injustices in our world, Israel cannot be allowed to continue unabated.

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