VIDEO: World in Turmoil

There’s radioactive earthquakes rocking Japan while Tomahawk’s launch for Libya’s liberation. Bee colonies have been collapsing, fish stocks are dwindling and we’re running out of oil and fresh water. The earth’s climate is changing, 1/5th of the world starves to death while the super-rich grow even richer, and everyday we find brand new ways to annihilate ourselves completely.

And if that’s not enough negativity for you, the 24-hour fear-mongering news stations will fill in the gaps with a never ending supply of things to be afraid of. Except, of course, for the really scary stuff, like how our democracy is being eroded, giant corporations are robbing us while politicians take their cut, and the system that is supposed to be protecting us has gradually been enslaving us.

Paraphrasing a quote by David Suzuki, it’s like we’re ALL in a car that is speeding towards a cliff, and we’re too busy arguing about who sits where.

But get this. The reality is that we have already flown right over the edge, beyond the point of no return. Right now, humankind is hurdling through the air.

But don’t fret. As the vehicle were in comes careening down towards a catastrophic end, our species will gain the ability to fly.

Humankind is coming together like never before, and when we humans work together, especially on a global scale, there is very little we can’t do.

On top of this, the whole body of human knowledge is expanding faster than ever before, opening new doors and unforeseen powers. It won’t be long until we have the means to meet the basic needs of every human. And, with our growing solidarity, we’ll soon have a level of cooperation sophisticated enough to dismantle the world’s defense industry and forever end large scale wars.

While the future doesn’t hold some techno-utopia for us, it will be awesome nonetheless.

Don’t let today’s world stress you out. Try to remember how, on the universal scale, humans are still so very young. These bumps and hurdles we experience are signs we are maturing, and the pain we feel can be thought of as the cost of progress.

Human beings are amazing, and we’re set to do some incredible things. We will persevere through the plethora of problems plaguing our planet. Believe it.

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