Lies Lead Into Libya

(‘So it’s settled then. You’ll be the villainous thug and I’ll be the heroic savior, and we split the profits down the middle.’)

The military industrial complex is a formidable entity that exercises fiendish methods to get what it wants. And what it wants is war, and more of it. No matter who is fighting, or where, or for what, as long as armed conflict is being waged, war-profits will coming rolling in.

With trillions of dollars floating around the defense industry, there’s billions in profits to be made, so the war mongers can’t just sit around and wait for more war to erupt on its own. They need to stir the pot and hope that some kind of violence will erupt.

And this is precisely what seems to have happened in Libya – a long, drawn out conflict with muddled objectives and no clear end in sight.

A recent Human Rights Watch report leads critics to surmise that the pretense for intervention was grossly overstated. The justification for erecting a no-fly zone was to prevent a slaughter in Benghazi. Yet, when Gaddafi forces entered other large cities, there was no massacre. This suggests that no such brutality would have been imposed on the citizens of Benghazi, outside of the rebel forces.

Then, if you consider the alarming fact that a leader of the Libyan rebellion is a CIA operative, the motivations behind the intervention become evident: Libya is the new Iraq.

Or at least it will be, unless there’s a loud enough uproar from the general population. This is why it is so imperative that we voice our discontent to the establishment now.

Say no to escalation in Libya! Stand against war. Let it be known that we will not idly tolerate any more senseless deaths or the squandering of precious treasure.

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