WTF? Why is Canada Supporting Israel?

At the latest G8 Summit, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood alone in his refusal of peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis on the basis of the 1967 borders, a stance that reaffirms Israel’s own position.

So now, of the 8 big nations, Canada is the most pro-Zionist country of them all? Seriously?

What a bummer. Talk about a blight on Canada’s reputation.

Doesn’t our Conservative government know of the daily atrocities committed by the state of Israel? Haven’t they heard that the Israel-Palestine issue is tantamount to Apartheid?

Surely Harper is aware that pressure from the international community is the only way to end the plight of the Palestinian people, so why does he always take a position that will only prolong their suffering?

As a Canadian, I do not support the actions of Mr. Harper or his Conservatives. And I’m sure, once given a clearer picture of whats going on in the Middle East, most of my fellow citizens would agree.

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