Freedom Danceparty at TJ’s

You may recall reading about a group of demonstrators who were brutally arrested for silently dancing at the Thomas Jefferson memorial last week.

As planned, a follow-up demonstration was held today, this time with hundreds taking part. There were no arrests reported, despite large numbers of law enforcement present. Eventually, officers did forcefully disperse the activists.

So, a good turn out with no arrests. Successful protest, it seems. But what can we learn from this?

Well, for one, it shows the power of groups. When Kokesh and his cohorts were arrested last week, hundreds of angry phone calls to the police department ensured a prompt release. These same complaints probably warranted the light touch used by security forces earlier today.

As well, the protest went on mostly unabated because there were hundreds of dancers. This shows that if you want to take action against unjust laws by breaking them, it’s best to make sure there’s a lot of people are doing it alongside you.

And it doesn’t hurt to get it all on video, either.

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