Hey Government… Hands Off Our Internet!

Infamous hacking group Lulzsec has just compromised over 50 adult-orientated web pages. This follows the black-hat group’s other high-profile breaches of Sony, Fox and PBS.

Meanwhile, cyber-activist group Anonymous has continued their online protests, disabling government web pages, like those of Spain and Turkey, whose authoritative actions warranted scorn from the loosely connected freedom alliance.

All these cyber-demonstrations highlight the force of an unfettered internet. The balance of power is shifting away from institutions and governments, and into the hands of the masses.

And this is precisely what the oligarchs and dictators fear the most. Feeling their tenuous grip over the population slipping away, they’ll do anything to prevent the new cyber-democracy from developing.

They’ll tell us that we need to crack down on hackers and cyber-activists to protect us. They’ll try to pass broad regulatory bills that give certain government bodies sweeping control over the Internet.

Once they discover that there is no effective way to stop the free flow of information, they might even try to kill the Internet completely.

But we cannot let them succeed. We won’t let them. The Internet is too vital a tool for the creation of a more just civilization. Social media and instant interconnection are giving humankind the power to reclaim control of the planet.

Pretty soon, thanks to the advent of anonymous browsing, decentralized currency, and decentralized networking, the Internet will function beyond the fearful reach of authorities and governments.

Until then, it is up to us to tell our politicians and lawmakers to keep their grubby paws off our beautiful Internet.

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