Afghan War 2014 and Beyond

Secret talks between the United States and Afghanistan could see American troops stay for decades, well beyond the scheduled 2014 withdrawal.

While Secretary Clinton was reluctant to use the term ‘permanent’, there’s really no better way to describe the bases to be left on Afghan soil for an undetermined period of time.

What really bothers me is this 2014 date for pulling out. That’s like, what, 3 years from now? You mean the American people and the world are prepared to accept another 3 full years of this nonsense?

What’s the point? The conditions for withdrawing the troops will be the same now as they will in a few years, and the same as if they had pulled out years ago.

It’s time for the war to end, NOW. Osama is dead, Al Qaeda has fled, but they still need three more freaking years??? If that doesn’t tell you there’s more behind war than just making America safer, then what will?

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