Dropping Bombs No Longer Deemed Hostile Act

By law, the United States President needs congressional approval to go to war. Yet no such approval was sought prior to bombing Libya. Now, should the bombing campaign continue, the Commander in Chief might find himself to be breaking the law.

To get around the tiresome trivialities of constitutional law, the Obama administration has drummed up in-house lawyers willing to argue that a bomb dropped from a drone is not ‘hostile’.

Talk about Orwellian doublespeak. Don’t they know that bombs explode the same regardless of whether the pilot is in the cockpit or perched in front of a computer screen?

In a semi-ironic twist, the Pentagon recently announced that computer hacking can be considered an act of war.

This means it is no longer a hostile act to slaughter Libyan families from across the ocean via computer, but if someone hacks into that computer to prevent further atrocities, that would be the act of aggression.

Absolutely absurd! It just goes to show how ridiculous the arguments surrounding institutionalized war can be.

It’s almost as silly as a Nobel Peace Laureate having to use lawyer-speak to weasel his way into perpetuating another armed conflict. But it’s not quite as inane as the utter lack of dissent coming from the left – dissent that would be coming in droves were Obama a republican.

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