NATO Admits Killing Babies

(Warning: Video contains graphic imagery.)

Well, bad news if you wholeheartedly support the US-led armed conflict in Libya, because now you have to rationalize the death of two more babies. Yes, sadly two infants were amongst the nine killed in an air strike on a Tripoli suburb.

So, war-supporters, tell us how you can justify their deaths. The old omelet/broken egg line? Are they just casualties of war? Maybe you can somehow blame Gaddafi or Muslims or something other than the forces directly responsible.

Or perhaps you just don’t give a shit, seeing as these babies weren’t white and weren’t from your country, just like other 800 other people who’ve been torn to pieces since the air attacks began three months ago.

I tell you what, even if you don’t care and can somehow flip the thoughts in your head to lend support to a campaign that kills babies, I DO CARE. Just like a growing percentage of the world’s people.

Pretty soon, there will be enough people so sick of war that we will rise up against the military industrial complex and dismantle it forever. Then, all you unwavering war-mongers will need to find some other way to satisfy your blood-lust. A video game, perhaps?


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