Somalia Joins America’s Remote Hit List

Add Somalia to the lengthening list of country’s currently under attack by the United States.

Of course the US won’t officially say they’re at war with Somalia, but Americans are flying remote controlled planes that drop bombs on Somalian soil – an act most countries would consider a declaration of war.

With Yemen added earlier this month, Somalia brings the total to at least six nations counting themselves amongst those green-lighted for remote attacks. Remotely detonated bombs, all sanctioned by the United States of Warmerica.

Washington must be finding it easier to snuff out human life when the pilot is sitting a few thousand miles away from where the killing is done.

Fortunately for our planet, killing people is getting more difficult to do all the time. Right now, the deaths of these militants might pass without seeing the global spotlight.

But the more interconnected our world becomes, the more atrocities and injustices – like those that happen in war zones -  will be dragged out into the open to where they cannot survive.

So don’t let this new arm to war dissuade you… the whole beast will soon come to an end.

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