Long Distance Murder

Picture this: you’re walking home after work, carrying some groceries. The sun is shining. Birds are chirping. A beautiful day.

Other people are enjoying the day, too. Some kids playing. A guy on a bike. There goes a truck with three men in it.

Then, BLAM! Out of nowhere the truck explodes, sending shrapnel everywhere. Smoldering rubble and body parts are all that remains.

The culprit was a soldier fighting an ideological war, signalling the explosion from far away in safety. But it’s not what you think: the soldier wasn’t an extremist by any means.

He was an American, and it wasn’t a car bomb he detonated to snub out the three targets (along with anyone else foolish enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time). It was a rocket-propelled high-powered explosive launched from an unmanned plane circling high above.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it, to think that some foreign nation has given itself the authority to terminate life so suddenly and decisively?

Yet this is exactly what the people of Pakistan have experienced for years, all thanks to the United States of Warmerica attempting to fight terror by being terrorists themselves.

And now Somalia and Yemen get to be victims of this remote controlled murder too. So just how accurate is this “video-game” warfare?

The New America Foundation estimates non-militant deaths at 20 per cent of the total of 2,464 fatalities. Locals estimate toll to be far greater, with one man stating “For every 10 to 15 people killed, maybe they get one militant.”

Even if the lower estimate is more accurate, that still means hundreds of innocent people have been murdered in this futile attempt to somehow bomb ourselves into a more peaceful world. And isn’t just one life far too expensive?

But an even more pressing question is this – if Americans don’t sanction the use of remote drones to eliminate threats on their own soil, what in the hell are they doing unleashing such tactics on someone else?

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