America Drops an A – Now Called ‘Merica’

By now you’ve likely heard that the United States’ credit rating has been downgraded from AAA to AA over concerns about the budget deficit and rising debt burden.

While the global economic repercussions could be dreadful – the TSX has already been dealt a blow – at least this crisis might take some steam out of America’s war machine.

Seriously. With all the recent talks over debt reduction, to think that the war budget was barely scratched is beyond ludicrous.

Don’t Americans know their military is waging clandestine wars in 120 countries? Haven’t they heard that imperialistic empires inevitably collapse when they spread themselves too thin? Don’t they care that their nation spends more building the tools of war than the rest of the world combined?

Of course they do! America’s military industrial complex ran amok years ago with no signs of slowing down… this is obvious to anyone who cares to look.

But the time for simple bemoaning has passed. What is needed now is an intervention. The War Machine needs to be stopped, and it’s up to the American public to rise up to thwart their junky Defense Industry.

Come on, people from the USA. Rise up! Take to the streets. End this nonsense, once and for all! Do it for the world. Do it for yourselves.

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