Again, The World Comes Together in Protest

September 17 marked the beginning of Project Occupy Wall St. – the open-ended mass demonstration taking place on New York’s Wall Street, aimed at raising awareness about the rise of corporatism and the looming threat of totalitarianism.

The populist movement has garnered international attention, evident in the hundreds of pizzas which were purchased for the activists by supporters from all around the world.

These outpourings of earth-encompassing solidarity are not unheard of.

During Egypt’s uprising, the world’s vigilantes helped Egyptians circumvent their Internet blackout.  Later on, Egyptian’s payed it forward, sending pizzas to demonstrators taking part in Wisconsin’s massive pro-union rallies.

Touching, I know. It inspires such hope in humankind. Perhaps the only way to evoke even more optimism is to imagine the future. How will these global acts of unified protest look within a few short years?

No doubt, through mass action on a planetary scale, seemingly impossible feats will become entirely doable. Powerhouses like the IMF, WTO, World Bank, and even the mother of them all – the military industrial complex –  can all be corralled, collared and held accountable to a united human race.

World peace and a more just civilization are in our future, and earth’s freedom fighters, like those in NYC, are helping make it happen.

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