Wall St. Occupied, Now Boston’s Bank of America

Despite pepper spray, police brutality and a hush mainstream media, the activists occupying Wall St. are holding stronger than ever. Check out the live stream – you just might see an abuse of power as it happens!

No doubt inspired by their New Yorker brothers and sisters, and sharing the same growing disdain for corporatism and corruption in government, thousands of Bostonians marched through the streets, taking the Bank of America.

Awesome! Hopefully the American Autumn continues to spread, sooner than later. This is it, people! If you were waiting for the time to get off your butt and do something, it is now!

Exercise your voice, any way that you can.  Organize or join a protest. March through the streets in numbers, chanting about issues that are important to you. The act alone is such an exhilarating, empowering feeling, that you won’t want to stop, and the overall effects will contribute to a more just civilization.

Help make change happen!


Update – 700 activists were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. If the cops are so eager to arrest someone, why not lock up some bankers or politicians.

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