US Gov’t Assassinating Citizens

Watch out, world! If you get labelled a terrorist by the government of the United States, you run the risk of spontaneously exploding. No one is safe, not even American citizens.

Why, just this week, the CIA and US Military targeted an American living in Yemen, killing him with a drone strike. His crimes? Making incendiary Youtube videos, it seems. Although he may have done much worse, we’ll never know thanks to his being terminated without a trial or due process.

It is hard to overstate the seriousness of this precedent. A government that assassinates its own population bears the markings of an authoritarian state. And should this same government declare the whole world to be a battlefield, it has given itself license to commit long distance murder, anywhere on earth, with impunity.

Corporations, bankers, and the war machine have all run amok. It is time to take to the streets and reclaim the democratic system. Enough is enough.

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