Occupation Interrupted

We’re just a few weeks into the North American wing of the international populist movement towards a more just civilization, and already law enforcement is cracking down hard. Hundreds have been arrested in New York – ground zero for the Occupy demonstrations – and now Iowa and Boston can add their names to the growing list of victims of ham-handed security forces.

Silly police brass… don’t they know that arresting people can only add fuel to the fire? Heck, they’ve been gunning down and bombing dissenters in Syria and Yemen, and even that isn’t working. But jailing war veterans? Come on, that’s just begging for an uprising.

If their goal was to silence dissent, they could try what DC Police did, extending the demonstrator’s permit for another 4 months. But even that won’t work. These mass displays are showing no sign of fizzling out. There is too much to be angry about, too many reasons for the people to angrily reclaim their lost power.

No, this movement has only just begun, and no amount of suppression will stop us.


Man, what an exciting period in modern human history. Not since Wikileaks started Cablegate, or when Tunisia and Egypt erupted in successful revolution, have I felt this giddy. This is it! It is really happening. We are who we’ve been waiting for!

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