World Peace Clock Moved Forward One Full Decade!

If you’ve ever visited my sister site, you probably noticed this clock ticking down to world peace. The initial date where it would reach zero was set to Jan 1, 2030.

Serving as a due-by date rather than an exact prediction, the arbitrary date was chosen because it was distant enough to seem plausible to skeptics, yet close enough to share in my hopeful vision.

Well, given the state of things today, I decided to bump the clock forward a full 10 years! World peace – defined not where we all hold hands and love each other, but rather, where we can coexist without murdering ourselves on an industrialized scale – is just around the corner!

Here’s a few of the signs taken into account for the updated timeline:

  • Wikileak’s Cablegate – A momentous occasion where authorities start to feel the sting of transparency.
  • The Arab Spring – The power of social media to co-ordinate mass movements comes to fruition, sparking real-world revolutions
  • The Occupy Movement – The global uprising has hit North America in full force. The world’s people really are ready for something remarkable to happen.

If this is what we are able to do right now, just imagine what we’ll be doing in a few more years. Mega-banks, the military industrial complex, the wealthiest .01% – these will all pale in comparison to a united and empowered global population. Humanity truly is set to move mountains.

This January 1, 2020 due-by date can also be considered a ‘do-by’ date, meaning peace has to happen by then, or it might never happen. Right now, even though they are funded by the oligarchs, today’s police and security forces are still human.

But imagine what can happen when these huge corporations and dictators start buying armies of drones to do their bidding – uprisings could be squashed at the flip of a switch.

The window for which humanity can rise up is closing fast, but I am more optimistic than ever that we will prevail! The 99% want peace, and the 99% will get what they want.

We are waking up to recognize that warfare is predominantly manufactured by forces seeking to profit and proliferate corporate imperialism. When the War Machine’s atrocities are no longer hidden in the fog of war, such grave injustices won’t be tolerated anymore.

On top of all this, our world is getting better with every moment, thanks to the cumulative nature of world improvement. This means the quality of life for humans will keep rising, faster than ever before, and pretty soon we’ll have the means to meet the basic needs of every person. When no one is starving to death, peace will come much more naturally to our planet.

For world peace to be fully realized within the decade it will take some remarkable changes to happen. It won’t be easy, not by any stretch. But rest assured, it is a feat we are entirely capable of achieving, and in the end, we’ll have set our species on the path to freedom and the unlimited potentials held within.


On a side note, the twitter account @worldpeace2030 is now defunct. People wishing to stay apprised of my tweets should follow me @peacenikRick    Cheers!

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