#Occupy Opening Options

The Occupy movement – the latest wing of the great awakening – is really broadening the typical noise that usually spouts out from the corporately owned media. Issues, like how the top 1 percent hoard a ridiculous amount of the earth’s resources for themselves, are finally getting some air time.

Even the laughably biased Fox News published a piece empathetic to Occupy’s activists, where author Sally Kohn writes “The key isn’t what protesters are for but rather what they’re against— the gaping inequality that has poisoned our economy, our politics and our nation.”

Take a look at this graph, showing the distribution of wealth in America (which is reasonably similar to wealth distribution across the planet):

No wonder the media is so hush about this issue, because it clearly shows a glaring gap between the top 1 percent (on the far right) and everyone else. This information could potentially enrage anyone who doesn’t fall into the top tier (which includes you if you aren’t making several hundred thousand dollars a year). And worse still is this disparity has only widened over the past 10 years.

Critics of the Occupy movement say there is no clear agenda and no concrete replacement for the corporatocracy so despised. But the overall agenda is the same – we are sick of such gross injustice and we want something to be done about it. How specifically, we don’t know, but it’s time to discuss alternatives and reform.

And, as evident in the taboo narratives being covered in the media as of late, the act of taking to the streets in mass protest has opened up the floor to new ideas.

Take, for example, this proposal for a mixed economic system that sets upper limits on earnings for individuals and corporations. Similar to a salary cap in pro sports, a ‘Capital Cap‘ would prevent too much wealth from accumulating into too few hands, yet still maintain healthy incentives for innovation and hard work.

While the Cap Cap is just one idea from one person who isn’t an economist, it seems to make a lot of common sense. If nothing else, it can help to envision alternatives to our current economic model, which, based on the deepening inequalities it permits,  is a system that desperately needs to change.

This uprising is long overdue. The world’s wealthiest are trying to break away from the rest of society, a result which could be disastrous for the 99 percent left behind. The time has come to saddle the elites, and rein in some of their wealth and power before they become untouchable.

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One Response to “#Occupy Opening Options”

  1. now says:

    the rothschild family is the sinister force behind the fed reserve

    they might be untouchable…but a world-wide strike will sure have an impact on their control over us all

    we need to trade with each other; to care for each other

    the power elite is too strong…the 1% is really 20%

    70% don’t have a clue
    what does that leave us?

    the attack should be through the legal system and the gov that
    pumps out paper notes they represent as legal tender

    all debt should be erased it does not involve real money as described in the usa constitution
    they killed Kennedy for trying to correct the illegal monitary situation; he tried to do away with central banks run by the rothschilds

    google the stories and the factual documentation of the sinister history of the rothschild family

    anyone taking a mortgage after 1964 never got legal United States dollars; and should stop paying their mortgage

    we should all stop paying all debt, for the same reason

    the 70% need to be educated and convinced this movement is for them, as well…2 b continued…


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