What Populist Success Looks Like in Bahrain

Score one for the people’s movement. Bahraini medics who’ve been handed down very long prison sentences for the outlandish crime of providing help to injured activists have been promised a full retrial by Bahrain’s government.

That’s what success looks like when you live under a corrupt dictatorship.

Sure, the rulers won’t share any of their great fortune with the rest of the population. And anyone trapped in poverty could be shot for voicing their deserved discontent. But maybe, just maybe, should a physician dare treat one of these injured protesters, they won’t be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

It’s easy to dismiss the plight of the people of Bahrain, or anyone else living under an authoritarian state, as something happening to someone else. But we should instead pay close attention, because if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. No population is safe from the problems which arise when too much power concentrates into too few hands.

The only way to counter this is for the people who are getting screwed by the system to get their voices heard. Government goes to whoever shows up, and if average citizens don’t take action, they’ll get shafted by big business and special interests.

Thankfully, the momentum is shifting back into the hands of the people. Finally! The Internet is continuously bringing us to unprecedented levels of cooperation and interconnection. Mass movements are springing up everywhere around the globe.

The whole world is waking up, ready for something new. Ready for the days when injustices – like those happening to the Bahraini people – will be utterly squashed by the giant blob of anger and disgust which arises when tens of millions of discontent humans all speak out in unison.

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