People Today are Most Peaceful and Prosperous Ever

If you’re one of the unfortunate who’ve succumb to the reality distortion field known as the 24-hour news cycle, the following may come as a shock to you: the world today is more peaceful and prosperous than it has ever been before!

Sure, the mainstream media’s Chicken Littles are always trying to trick the social consciousness into believing the world is falling apart. But the opposite is much closer to the truth.

Take global poverty, for example. The percentage of humans living in extreme poverty is expected to soon drop below 15% – the lowest it has ever been – and we are lifting people out of poverty at a faster rate than ever before!

Fewer humans are starving. That is fantastic! Better still, and not entirely unrelated, is that humans are hurting each other at the lowest rates in modern times.

Canadian evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker has pulled together all the data on violence and war from the past 15,000 years, concluding that “Violence has been in decline over long stretches of time, and we may be living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence.”

As long as the trends continue just as they have for the past few thousand years, a world without starving humans senselessly murdering one another on industrialized scales should be here within a decade or two.

Amazing, isn’t it? The culmination of thousands of years of struggle and strife by billions of people, all unfolding over the coming few years. And to think that people alive today won’t just be witnesses, we will actually have the chance to play a key role in making it all happen.

Yes! Humans FTW!!!

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