American Drones Create Living Hell

A 16 year old Pakistani youth – Tariq Aziz – attended an anti-drone meeting in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. The next day, he and his 12 year old cousin – Waheed Khan – were obliterated by a CIA drone strike while driving to pick up their aunt.

What an incredible torment it must be to face the persistent threat of remote controlled assassination! Always lurking, day and night, these foreign flying executioners delivering Hellfire missiles with almost zero accountability.

The situation has already spun out of control, and without a major resistance on the part of the people, the use of these dehumanized death bots will only continue to rise.

The choice is ours: rise up and eliminate this long distance murder now, or wait until the mere act of speaking out against drone strikes becomes an offense punishable by drone strikes.

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One Response to “American Drones Create Living Hell”

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