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Pepper Spray Cop on Rampage

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

It seems Police Lt. John Pike – the officer who enjoys pepper spraying protestors from point blank – didn’t get his fix with just a handful of peaceful students. So now he’s gone on a rampage:

Take that, Sunday strollers!

Eat spicy pain, founding fathers!

Ingest the irony, guy from a John Pike watercolor!

Hey J-Man… let me kick it up a notch. BAM!

Inspirational Imagery of the Day

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

This painting really resonates with what is going on around the world today. Like the man with the megaphone, protesters everywhere on earth are helping to create something beautiful.

Never let go of hope. Dare to dream, because dreamers light up the path to a brighter future.

Iraq Vet Uses Own Spleen to Attack Police Batons

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Shocking video emerged today of a commie-anarchist Iraq war veteran, reportedly hepped up on goofballs, viciously attacking peaceful police officers with his own soft tissue, inflicting superficial damage upon the riot cops’ blunt weaponry.

Or so we’d hear on the mainstream media. That is, if they’d even devote any airtime to these revolutionary moments in human history.

Of course, if the MSM started showing their viewers just how militarized our police forces have become or how drunk with power certain law enforcement personnel can get, the situation could quickly erupt beyond their control.

But that day is still coming, albeit more gradually. The world’s people are rising up, together, for the first time ever. And we won’t stop until the world shines as bright as we know it can.

Drug Prohibition Sends Wrong Message to Kids

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

You may have noticed a rash of posts lately calling for the end of the global war on drugs. Well, they say write what you know, so here’s one more reason why we should end drug prohibition – because it sends mixed messages to our young people.

Consider the following:

Cannabis is an incredible medicine that helps patients physically, mentally and spiritually. Cannabis makes for an excellent recreational drug and is proven safer than alcohol or tobacco. Cannabis seeds make a super-nutritional food, and the stalk of the plant itself is one of the most versatile building blocks on earth, able to create all kinds of useful goods.

Yet this incredible plant, this godsend which could be a tremendous boon to human civilization, is vehemently persecuted and vilified worldwide thanks to laws that are entrenched all the way up to the United Nations.

So just what are educated young people supposed to think when they discover both of the above truths, which they inevitably will. Probably something like “If the grown-ups are hell-bent on sticking to something that is so obviously misguided, what else have they been getting wrong?”

If the goal is to protect children, why not start by making it so the system they grow up in isn’t overrun with draconian drug prohibition laws. Laws which have never – even after many decades and hundreds of billions of dollars invested – offered any shred of evidence that they are making the world a better place.

Joe Rogan on the Occupation

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

It’s that time of the week again when we forgo heady pieces concerned with ending the global drug war or abolishing conditions of apartheid in Israel and instead we watch a few videos.

First up comes some piercing insights à la Joe Rogan et. al in one of the best Occupy compilations yet:

Next we enjoy the musical styling of crooner Frank Sinatra, sharing his classic tune ‘New York, New York’, accompanied by the striking visuals of people being struck by police in Zuccotti park last night.

Finally, a video from yours truly, made more than 5 years ago. (Yikes! What the hell was I smoking?) Well, the medium might lack but the message is pretty solid: if we want to do away with extreme poverty a great place to start is with extreme wealth.

Ending the Global War on Drugs

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Armed conflict has a way of entrenching itself into the fabric of a society. Whether it involves a military force overseas or para-military law enforcement back home, if there’s an army being raised you’re almost guaranteed that someone, somewhere stands to reap huge profits off the imminent bloodshed.

Such is the case with the multi-billion dollar drug prohibition/incarceration business. As fruitless as it has proven itself, hundreds of thousands of people still depend upon the illegality of narcotics to earn their living. These inherently pro-prohibition people – DEA’s, jailers, lawyers – could find themselves out of work were drug use treated as a health issue instead of a criminal issue.

This is why the pro-legalization party has such an uphill battle to fight. A movement can have facts and justice and majority support on their side, but without the political clout equivalent to that wielded by the powers which profit from the status quo, draconian policies will continue to hold.

In a bid to bring drug policies up to the 21st century, libertarian think tank the Cato Institute are set to host a major conference today involving many prominent scholars and international leaders. The influential group will analyze global drug policy and propose practical alternatives, such as legalization.

If I had the opportunity to present a case against drug prohibition, it’d be a sweet infographic showing the darkest parts of prohibition contrasted with the light of legalization.

First, we’d look at the death toll along the US-Mexico border, where 11,000 people have been killed this year by criminal drug enterprises. These gangs would not have such tremendous reach without drug prohibition. Few industries pay quite like the hugely inflated narcotics market.

Then we’d look at Portugal, who legalized all drugs almost a decade ago to a resounding success. It turns out, giving users care instead of punishment actually resulted in a decline in drug use. And, without the need to hire armies, legalization ends up being cheaper to taxpayers while being less detrimental to society.

Yeaaaa… that’d make one sweet picture. The prohibitionists wouldn’t even know what hit ‘em!

The Movement Won’t Stop

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Just because armor-clad goons can overwhelm non-violent civilians doesn’t mean the Occupy movement – and what it represents – is going anywhere. We may get beaten on, but we will never be beaten down.

As disruptive as these initial clashes may be, don’t be fooled into thinking the educated and enthusiastic protesters spearheading this people’s uprising will be discouraged one single iota. No matter how hard this establishment (and their hired thugs) cling to the status quo, we the people will not quit until the system either bends to our will or breaks completely.

Just the fact that these clashes are happening is a victory in itself. Not for the violence aspect, but for what it signifies, which is that the beacon has now been lit. Something has changed, and we will never go back. What humanity has been hatching has finally cracked its shell. It won’t be long until we break through to fly in a world of limitless opportunity.

Look how the discourse has changed, evident with a mainstream media discussing issues completely taboo just two months ago. Important concepts, like income inequality, social injustice and the influenced wielded by multi-millionaires, are finally getting their due consideration in the social consciousness.

Along with progressing ideas and inspiring hope, these protests serve as a focal point, showing us just how many others share the same dissatisfaction with the way things are. Pretty soon, we’ll discover that the more noise we make, the less politicians will be able to ignore us, which would be a great start in the co-creation of our new global civilization.

Batman’s Message to the 1%

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Watch as a young Batman tackles the growing concerns over income inequality and corruption in the upper echelon.

Gotham City’s ruling class, just like the 1 percent of 1 percent of humans who control insane amounts of the world’s wealth, have gone unchecked for too long. And now they’ve gone rotten.

So here comes Batman – much like the Arab spring, the riots in Europe, and the Occupy Movement – rising to the occasion and taking out the trash. Not necessarily because he wants to, but because it has to be done.

Take heed, super-rich people. Your days of exploitation and oligarchy are coming to an end. Be like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet before it’s too late!

Deplorable Imagery of the Day

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Look at the photo above. Note the indifference of the soldiers, like it’s just another day on the job and another teen girl on her knees in distress. What sort of depraved society would deteriorate so far as to allow this kind of disgusting behavior to become commonplace?

While I’ve been unable to confirm legitimacy of this picture, it certainly looks authentic. Israeli news site Ynet reports that thousands of similar pictures exist, and there certainly is a precedent for this kind of disdain from the Israeli Defense Force.

Service in the military is mandatory for all Israeli youth, but who’s there to police these boys and girls with guns once they are set loose on the population?

The answer is no one.

At least not yet.

But give every Palestinian a video camera to capture atrocities and a Wifi connection to share it, and surely the world’s people would rise up and intervene against the institutionalized atrocities perpetuated by Israel.

Let’s End Drug Prohibition Already

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Mexican drug cartels have been slaughtering bloggers and executing Internet users in a vain attempt to silence negative commentary on the Internet.

It’s like in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where the pot-smoking duo track down and beat all the keyboard critics who left negative comments in an online forum.

Except this is happening in real life to real people and it’s not at all funny.

Underpinning the rise to power of the drug gangs and all the escalating violence witnessed over the past few decades are the lucrative profits to be made off of narcotics trafficking.

The US/Mexican drug trade runs upwards of 50 billion dollars annually. With that kind of scratch to be made, no penalty – not even death – is enough to deter society’s most unscrupulous folks.

And, since the whole business is illicit, the only recourse for settling disputes between rival drug factions is through violence.

It’s time to admit the war on drugs is a failure. The money we’ve been wasting on enforcing prohibition has only increased the price of illegal substances. This, in turn, ends up putting more money and power into the hands of criminals, who – as we can clearly see – have been raising their own private armies.

The only feasible solution is to end drug prohibition. This will pull the rug right out from under these corrupt and cruel criminal organizations, while saving us billions in squandered taxpayer dollars. On top of this, regulation and taxation of an non-inflated drug market will garner billions more in annual revenue.

Most people already know this, and the minority left supporting drug prohibition are fast waking up to reality. Get involved and make some noise. Let our politicians and policy makers hear us all say ‘Enough is Enough! We don’t want your stinkin’ drug war no more!’