Jan 17 2012 – Global Day of Mass Protest

Boats will rock next year as over a million people worldwide are expected to take part in a protest set to bolster humankind’s uprising to new heights.

Jan 17, 2012 – marking the 4 month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement – room will need to be cleared for 1,000,000 tents in Washington, and a further 100,000 in Tel Aviv, as a day of mass protest is being brought into motion.

With the world’s revolutionary spirit at an all time high, we can expect many more cities and countries to get on board over the coming weeks.

What has already been accomplished over the past 12 weeks is nothing short of remarkable. Like Redditor canijoinin says “Occupy IS effective. In a few months we have: removed millions from banks; put a spotlight on the police state we’re living in; and inspired 2 Congressmen to write Bills ending Corporate Personhood and The Fed. Fuck yeah guys!”

Not to mention a significant shift in the mainstream discourse, along with an establishment that has already exposed just how frightened it is.

So now that the gauntlet has been thrown down, how are you going to answer? Will you shirk your responsibility and hope that the same fools who got us into this mess will get us out, or will you stand up and let your voice be heard?

If camping out is too much to ask, consider joining a march for a few hours. All that is important is that you get involved and be counted. Embrace your destiny as co-creator of a more just civilization.

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  1. […] right now will be Occupy Congress on January 17th, which will be part of our movement's broader Global Day of Mass Protest. As you can see, Occupy Congress organizers have specific demands and will target both Democrats […]

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