Crushing Rate of Soldier Suicides

As deadly as a foe can be when they are fighting to protect home and family, American soldiers have found themselves facing an even greater threat: the mental damaged incurred during military service. For the second year in a row, more US soldiers took their own lives than died in combat.

Just look at the tremendous toll being paid by America’s soldiers. These poor young men and women are getting scarred for life, their noble values exploited by an industry seeking only to profit from prolonged armed conflict. It’s such a tragedy!

Look how poorly the American government cares for it’s soldiers. Once churned through the machine, service people get spit out and forgotten by the country they fought and killed for. Where is the honor in that?

These suicides should be a wake up call – the costs of military endeavors far exceed any rewards. It is time for this war bullshit to stop!

Apart from the rarest of occasions, violence will not solve any problems. Most of the time, the use of deadly force will only extend or exacerbate conflict, neither of which is beneficial for people or planet.

The right to use violence should be considered amongst the most sacred of privileges, not the primary go-to solution for every single problem. Since they’ve clearly been abusing the power we’ve entrusted them with, our governments need to be reined in and their licenses to kill put back on the shelf until they learn some respect.

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