Occupy is Here to Stay

(‘Hey Wall Street… speculate this!’)

Way to go, freedom-loving guys and gals! The Occupy movement has now surpassed 100 days of active protest!

When demonstrators seized Wall Street back in October and the movement began to spread, I was preparing for the uprising to abate temporarily over the winter, only to be picked up again with even greater intensity later on. But that never happened.

Instead, Occupy has consistently expanded, without pause. More and more engaged individuals hop on board every day. Protest communities are more organized than ever before. Activists have learned how to effectively demonstrate with military precision. And, most importantly, the message is as clear as ever – the people are unwilling to tolerate a broken system anymore!

This is just awesome! Words barely express how deeply moved I am. For years I’ve seen people being stripped of their power by a system bent towards enriching the already rich, all with barely a peep from the public. But not anymore!

One by one, minds are flipping the script, switching from passive observers to empowered citizens, hellbent on reclaiming their lost voice. And in the end, enough of us will have embraced our roles as co-creators of a more just global civilization for it to actually become a reality.

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