Cyber-Activists Demonstrate Power of Transparency

Sometimes called the “Shadow CIA”, security agency Stratfor is responsible for providing daily intelligence briefings extracted from a global network of informants.

Not long ago, Stratfor’s own security was called into question when Anonymous’ cyber-protesters compromised the security firm, releasing client’s names and credit card details on to the Internet. Another stick in the eye came in the form of $500,000 being donated to a range of charities using the pilfered banking credentials.

Members of the online freedom fighting group claim this private data was so easy to find because Stratfor did not bother encrypting it – an easy-to-avoid blunder which, if true, would be a major embarrassment for any security-related company.

Now, much like a belated X-mas gift, Anonymous is set to share the real gem scored while fiddling about inside Stratfor’s private areas – a cache of 5.5 million sensitive emails sent by confidential sources over the last fifteen years. Analysts predict the treasure trove of leaked data will likely provide a smoking gun for a number of crimes of extraordinary importance.

Who knows… maybe some white collar criminals might even see some repercussions for their unbounded greed. How sweet would that be? If nothing else, this latest round of hacktivism has, once again, struck terror into the hearts of corrupt individuals everywhere.

Institutionalized warfare, a disgustingly skewed distribution of wealth and power, overwhelming corporatist control of government – these monsters can only survive in the dark. Now that we are arming ourselves with ways to shine light upon the secret inner working of the world’s most powerful entities, so many injustices in our world are set to disappear.

Thank you, Anonymous, for helping us create a more just global civilization!

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