No War With Iran!

The drumbeats of war with Iran have already begun. The American social consciousness, along with much of the world, is being massaged into believing Iran poses an immediate threat to the security of the planet.

It’s the same trick they pulled in the lead up to Afghanistan, Iraq, and to a lesser degree, Libya, which is as follows:

  1. Bombard all available propaganda channels with the idea of an escalating, foreign danger.
  2. Once the level of fear is high enough to garner sufficient public support, release the troops.

The strategy is simple, yet highly effective, as evident from the last 10+ years of unrelenting, bloody & futile conflict.

This time, however, instead of waiting until after our armies get embedded in foreign nations without an exit strategy, let’s ramp up the opposition to war with Iran right now.

Ignore the propaganda and rise above the misinformation. Stand united against the war machine’s attempt to manufacture another prolonged armed conflict. Don’t be fooled again!

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