Afghan War a Failure – US Lt. Colonel

Earlier this month, a leaked military report revealed just how ineffectual the invasion in Afghanistan has been.

Now, another classified document – this time an 80 page report penned by US Lt. Colonel Daniel L. Davis – has surfaced to confirm the Afghan military excursion shows an “absence of success” on almost all levels. In other words, it is another senseless and tragic waste of lives and treasure.

So does that mean that all those brave men and women sacrificed their lives in vain? Yes, although it will offer no comfort to the loved ones left behind, that’s pretty much what is being said.

Then why even say it, one may ask. Simple: to learn from the mistake.

Major armed conflicts have no place in today’s world. For one, they don’t serve any purpose, other than destabilizing entire regions and lining the pockets of the war-profiteers. Second, there’s no one left to fight – no one that can be fought with armies and tanks and bombs, anyway.

If we want to live in a safer world, we must exercise alternatives to war, since the armed invasion route clearly does not work.

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