Iceland Proves Itself Awesome, Once Again

Channeling collective anger into political clout works! Just ask the people of Iceland.

When their economy collapsed, a big chunk of the Icelandic population had their voices heard. And what they were saying was ‘No!’ to the further debt being offered by the global bankers.

They had some hardships, but Iceland did manage to rewrite their constitution using crowd-sourcing. Plus, when the bailouts packages did arrive, most of it went to the people and not the bankers.

And now, the Icelandic people are enjoying a record recovery from the global economic meltdown. Húrra!

This stands in stark contrast to the United States, where a recent 25 billion dollar agreement was penned to, supposedly, punish fraudulent banks and help ease the citizens who are struggling with the housing crisis. Instead, most of this money actually comes from the taxpayers… and it still ends up helping out the banks above all!

Had enough Americans been out in the streets, this story would have been different. But complacency breeds corruption, hence another heart-wrenching story of bankers pillaging the pockets of the distracted, disinterested and misinformed public.

On the bright side, we have yet another reminder to always let our anger at the flaws of the system ring out as loud as possible.


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