US to Canada: Don’t Repeat Our Mistake on Drug War

Take it from us, the war on drugs has been a “costly failure.” This stark warning comes from a high-profile group of current and former U.S. law enforcement officials in a letter pleading with the Harper government to reconsider their tough stance on drugs.

“We are … extremely concerned that Canada is implementing mandatory minimum sentencing legislation for minor marijuana-related offences similar to those that have been such costly failures in the United States,” the letter reads. “These policies have bankrupted state budgets as limited tax dollars pay to imprison non-violent drug offenders at record rates instead of programs that can actually improve community safety.”

The letter was signed by more than two dozen current and former judges, police officers, special agents, drug investigators and other members of the advocacy group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Harper, apparently, couldn’t care less about rational thought or scientific basis. If he did, he’d have already legalized drugs by now. Instead, he’ll likely continue to cater to the myths and fears surrounding drugs, pandering to his base of misinformed constituents who’ve already had their minds made up for them.

This is what happens when people vote conservative. Besides, how else will they fill up all those new prisons they’re planning to build?

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