Occupy Hong Kong

Add Hong Kong to the growing list of places where the people, fed up with persistent injustice, have decided to take a stand against it.

Upwards of 5000 Hongkongers marched in protest today to voice their disdain for outgoing leader Donald Tsang, who faces allegations of corruption and abuse of power.

Awesome stuff! Not the scandalous leader, of course, but the reaction to it. This is one more sign, one more example, in the growing body of evidence suggesting humanity is awakening on a global scale like never before.

A few more years of activist progress and we’ll be coordinating massive protests, not just in one city or across one country, but with simultaneous events all over the world. And the implications will be astonishing.

Slowly but surely, the power will continue to shift back into the hands of the many at the expense of today’s privileged few. And, with each positive step, with each minor victory, countless more individuals will be inspired to become co-creators of a brighter future.

After a point, there will be nothing left to stop humanity from seizing control over its own destiny. Ending wars, ending extreme poverty, building a more just and egalitarian society – these will just be the starting blocks of the amazing things our impressive species stands to accomplish.

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