Asteroid Disasteroid

If you’re one to follow the latest in doom and gloom, then it’s likely that you’ve heard about Asteroid 2012 DA14 – the massive chunk of ice hurdling through space on a collision course with the earth.

Fortunately (or sadly if you happen to be one of the fear-profiteers) the chances of an actual impact are slim to none. So don’t self-destruct your life quite yet.

This latest threat may be a non-event, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more dangers lurking around every corner. In fact, in each moment, we face an infinite number of equally (or far worse) disasters waiting to happen.

Don’t take this as a reason to feel despondent. Just the opposite. The reality that our entire planet is so very vulnerable and that we are all such tiny, fragile creatures should only pressure us into meeting our full potential sooner than later.

We need to stop squandering our time and effort on fruitless endeavors, like wars. There’s just so many more productive things we could be doing as a species instead of just pissing away our lives and treasure in the vain pursuit of conquest and security.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 will likely be just a false alarm. But do really have to wait for an actual imminent global crisis for us to set aside our differences? Why not focus on unity and togetherness now, so that we are better equipped to handle the limitless supply of problems coming our way.

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