Highball the 1%

There’s a standard business negotiation tactic which has been brought into the realm of politics, used most effectively by right wing conservatives: ask for the stars and settle with the moon. So effective has this strategy been that the entire political spectrum has consistently shifted to the right over the past few decades.

Well, no more. It’s time for us on the progressive, left leaning liberal side to start doing the same. We need to demand, in concert, for far more than we actually expect just to start pushing the pendulum back. Our requests may seem a bit outlandish and ludicrous, but that’s the point.

So here are a few ideas of what to ask for:

  • Demand a transparent government. Open up all budgets to public scrutiny via easily searchable databases. Modern technology makes this entirely feasible, so there’s no reason for us to not be able to track every dollar, letting us judge where the fat lies and where the corruption is hiding. On that same note, we should also have full access to every elected official’s personal fundraising, to see who they are really working for.
  • Whenever a nation sends its army to war, there will be a draft for the families of politicians along with members from the nation’s top income earners. No matter their age or gender, the elites have to fight on the front lines of armed conflicts. Then we’ll see how eager they are to send young people to their potential demise.
  • Initiate a profit cap on all corporations and a capital cap on all individuals. Instead of these mega businesses extracting greater and greater profits from the world’s people, and rather than let individuals amass this wealth and power as their own, we set an upper limit on net earnings and net worth, with the surplus going to a fund that seeks to ensure that every human on earth has their most basic needs met.

Again, the point isn’t about being greedy, it’s about playing the game to dictate where the middle ground falls. If we do this with a loud enough voice, in large enough numbers, the system will work more towards our favor.

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