The Costs Involved in War

He may be a Wall Street shill whose clandestine wars continue to take innocent lives, but President Obama sure knows how to weave a compelling speech.

Tuesday the POTUS criticized anti-Iran rhetoric coming from the Republican front runners, saying “When I see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, I’m reminded of the costs involved.”

“Typically it’s not the folks who are popping off who pay the price,” Obama said, adding, “it’s these incredible men and women in uniform and their families who pay the price.”

Fine words. They’d mean so much more if the Nobel Peace Laureate wasn’t responsible for expanding armed conflict around the world.

And speaking of the ‘price of war’, no one pays more dearly than the innocents caught up in the crossfire.

So, while it is great to see some anti-war sentiments being passed around the mainstream zeitgeist, they are just empty gestures until someone in power actually acts on them.

Considering how Obama is a figurehead for America’s 2-party dictatorship – owned in part by the military industrial complex – actual peacebuilding from the American elite would be a pleasant surprise.

But let’s not go out on a sour note. USA’s military empire is running on fumes right now, and in all likelihood, will soon draw to a close. From the ashes, opportunity for rebirth will be possible, letting us have leaders who do more than just talk about making peace in the world.

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