Canada to Ditch Troubled F-35s?

Canadian’s are facing austerity cuts across the board – wage freezes, slashed funding, and major reforms to pensions – yet the Conservatives seem hellbent on acquiring some fancy new planes for $9 billion. Or is it $10 billion now, or more?

Where are their priorities? With the pressing needs of Canadians, or with getting their kickbacks from the Defense Industry?

As CBC revealed yesterday, these jets don’t even meet the necessary requirements for jets in the Great White North. Way to drop the ball, Tories.

Not only that, the bidding process was rigged. Defence Minister Peter MacKay and others did not give competing jets a fair shake. All the more reason to suspect shady insider dealings.

We’ve seen enough red flags to know this farce has gone on long enough. It’s time to drop the F-35s from Canada’s future and free up those precious resources for something far more practical, like clean water.

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