Less Prisons, More Prisoners

‘Cram them in there!’ said the Tories this week, opting to close three incarceration facilities used to house some of Canada’s most notorious criminals. This decision comes despite the Conservative’s latest controversial crime bill, likely to continue increasing inmate populations across the nation.

But caring about what happens to society ranks low on the Conservative agenda. Forget discussions about whether or not investing in crime prevention, like community projects and after school programs, work better than solely imprisoning offenders. It just doesn’t matter to the Tories.

They have an example to follow, a role model to emulate… America! Where they house 25% of the worlds prison population. America! Where 1 in every 100 adults is behind bars. America! Where modern day slavery rages on under the guise of treatment.

Well I don’t want to live in America, a nation on the verge of succumbing to a total police state. And neither do most Canadians.

We are smart enough to focus on reducing the factors causing society to boil rather than trying in vain to force a lid down ever tighter. If only our government would listen.

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