Canadian Cops Crush Peaceful Protests

MONTREAL: Seizing upon the distractions of a public protest, a handful of unruly miscreants take the opportunity to vandalize private property. In response, heavily armed police units crack down on the demonstration as a whole, claiming protection of the public good.

Peaceful assembly: 0  Police State: 1

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, something Quebec’s youth are teaching the rest of Canada.

What started out as rallies against tuition hikes have since grown. Now issues like a government that caters more to big financial than to the Canadian people, and the ham-handed repression tactics use by police, have taken center stage.

The more the protests continue, the more evident it will become that the powers that be don’t like it when the masses speak out. The elites don’t want us to be empowered and engaged, and they will unleash the full force of their hired goons to silence us if need be.

But it’s too late. The cat has been let out of the bag to play with the can of worms on the ship which has already sailed. There is no going back now.

The protests in Montreal are just one more sign that the world’s people are awakening, ready to unite and seize the reigns, redistribute the power, and co-create a brighter future for everyone.

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