Israel Orders Palestinian Village to Uproot Olive Trees

Human rights violations continue unabated this week as the State of Israel ordered Palestinian farmers in the West Bank to uproot 1400 olive trees by May 1st, or face heavy fines and incarceration.

The olive trees, some of which are 1000s of years old, grow on Palestinian land and serve as the main source of livelihood for the Palestinian farmers.

This demolition order is just the latest in an ongoing assault faced by the Palestinians. For years, Israeli settlers have been dumping waste water onto Palestinian agricultural land, contaminating underground springs and killing over a hundred trees last year alone.

You may be wondering why on earth Israel would do this? Do they have some deep-seated hatred towards olives? No, that’s not it at all. Uprooting olive trees is actually part of a broader plan to uproot the Palestinian people themselves.

See, if the State of Israel were to just raze the entire village and slaughter all the occupants, the world’s media would take note of the genocide and the international community might take action.

But, if these same effects can be spread out over a period of years, the systematic starvation of the Palestinian people, along with the theft of their land, will go by without so much as a whimper from the mainstream media.

How much longer will these atrocities be allowed to continue? I, for one, believe they are coming to an end. Not because the Palestinians will suddenly be able to stand up against Israel, nor because Israel will take it upon themselves to stop violating international law.

Instead, the human race is undergoing a great awakening, reaching new heights of self-awareness as a species. As this happens, injustices like those perpetrated by the State of Israel will no longer be hidden beneath the fog of war or drowned in a sea of distractions. Once this day arrives, Israel will be forced to cease and desist because they’ll know the whole world is watching.

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