Our Common Humanity


Wars happen when two (or more) populations get locked into violent armed conflict. Once armies are in a battle zone, it’s very tricky to get them out. Not only do they see their fellow comrades falling around them, soldiers are also fed a constant supply of myths about their evil, hateful enemies.

This dehumanization is what makes killing possible, especially on such a massive scale. If you start seeing your foes as regular humans, as people just like you, then it can be several orders of magnitude more difficult to murder them.

It is for this very reason that world peace is coming. The Internet is bringing us together faster than ever before, bridging the gaps between the world’s cultures and populations. This great unification is destroying the myth that we are different, and revealing our common humanity.

The more this happens, the more we will see modern warfare for what it truly is – manufactured as a for-profit business endeavor. We’ll learn how the majority of international conflicts exist because certain entities are exploiting our instinctual natures – feeding us lies and milking our fears – to garner enough of a drive for war to erupt.

As awareness grows about the powerful military industry, pressure will mount against it. War-profiting industries will see themselves on the receiving end of class action suits and heavy taxation. Governments will lose all support for major armed conflicts. The forces driving us to war right now will soon meet their match.

An empowered human population is rising together to forever dismantle the war machine.

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